About me

Iria Carrera Carrera

Focusing my training on the clinical branch, I continue with my professional development in order to offer the best possible service in which my primary objective is the well-being of the person who places their trust in me.

During my professional activity I have seen various problems that have points in common, on the one hand, how comforting it is to feel heard and, on the other hand, accompanied in difficult moments or oriented in situations in which the answer is not clear.

It is important to me that the people who come to my practice are in a safe and comfortable space where they do not feel judged.

Psychology has always been my vocation, which is why I graduated from the University of Seville, later, after completing my studies in the specialty of Clinical Psychology, I have completed a postgraduate degree in General Health Psychology and an Expert in Civil and Commercial Mediation, both at the Francisco University. of Vitoria (UFV). I am specialized in Integrative Psychotherapy, an expert in attachment and trauma, by the University of Madrid at a Distance (UDIMA) and in Rorschach Psychodiagnosis, which allows me to carry out an individualized therapeutic process adapted to the needs of each one.

Among my future projects, in addition to continuing to work as a psychotherapist, are dedicating myself to teaching through workshops both to other professionals and to patients since it is another way of having a first contact and that they can expand those areas that are of your interest.

I consider myself a close, empathetic and understanding person, so I try to make sure that my values ​​guide my work as a professional and be the support that the people who come for consultation require.

Carrying out a therapeutic process is a very important step that gives you a new perspective on what happens in our life and what attitude we take towards it. That is why my work philosophy starts from respect and a genuine interest for the person who decides to go to therapy. This space of security and trust is what allows us to see beyond the symptoms that cause us suffering and understand what is behind these conflicts in order to find a solution.

We live in a society in which bonds are weaker and weaker and in which loneliness has become commonplace. However, dedicating a space to yourself and getting to know yourself supposes a crucial personal growth to be able to face certain life events and achieve what we want.

This path needs the vision of a professional who can help to discern between all these issues and is that, in the end, having a person who is there for you is one of the first steps to feel good about yourself and with the the rest.

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