Frecuently Asked Questions

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a procedure that allows a professional to accompany a person in the face of a difficulty, providing them with the means and tools necessary to face their day-to-day life, being, at the same time, a process of self-knowledge.

When is it advisable to ask a professional for help?

Just like you go to the doctor when you have a physical ailment, you can go to the psychologist when you are going through a difficult or stressful moment. In the same way, psychological services are aimed at fostering the strengths of the person and helping them, too, at specific times when guidance is needed.

How do you work in a psychological session?

A psychotherapeutic session is a meeting point between a professional and a person who needs help. It usually lasts around 50-60 minutes and is established periodically so that it is a space dedicated by and for the person who requests it in which they can dedicate a moment of the week for themselves and their self-care.

Does online therapy replace face-to-face therapy?

No, online therapy is not a substitute for face-to-face therapy. However, it is an appropriate means in certain circumstances and always at the person’s choice since thanks to the advancement of new technologies, psychotherapy can come closer and closer.

How long can a therapeutic process last?

That depends on each person and each particular situation. From my perspective, the fundamental thing is that the person can understand himself and solve the issues that concern him and that make him go to therapy after this process of personal introspection and with the tools that he learns in consultation to be able to continue on his path.

If I need to go to a psychologist … does that mean that I am “crazy” or that something bad happens to me?

Not at all, going to the psychologist is becoming more and more normal and it would return the question of: would you only go to the doctor when you were in a critical condition? Right, we go to the doctor when we have a simple cold and nothing happens ?

Going to the psychologist implies that we have a problem that we want to solve, we need specific support or we want to carry out a process of personal introspection. It is not something to be ashamed of and it is as legitimate as a commitment to your own mental health.

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